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Experience the best cleaning services in Whistler. Clean Perfect is managed by a team of Hospitality Industry experts. With our extensive international experience in large Five Star hotels and strong philosophy of training and retraining employees we will ensure that all your cleaning needs and expectations are met with the highest level of cleanliness, attention to detail and service.

Clean Perfect is the right choice for companies where the Housekeeping standard plays an important role in their reputation and revenue. Nothing will do as much for your company image as a clean vacation property or workplace. Cleanliness is always the first impression your guests and customers receive about your company. For the hospitality
industry, Housekeeping can be the difference between a repeat guest and a low occupancy level. For an office or commercial space Housekeeping can affect the image of your company and the work environment of your employees. That is why your choice of cleaning company is vital.

Clean Perfect is designed for companies that expect more for the service they pay; companies that need consistent high quality cleaning services. Our strict quality inspection program will help you exceed your guest’s and customer’s expectations, which will eventually result in higher revenue for your company. We realize that your cleaning company is crucial to how your company performs, and we pride ourselves on an outstanding reputation for quality, professionalism, reliability and superior cleaning services.

Clean Perfect is also a great choice for absentee homeowners with a second home in Whistler. Putting a property in the hands of a professional caretaking company can help to reduce cost and free the homeowner from several responsibilities. We ensure that the property investment is kept in good condition, secure from vandalism, theft, extreme weather and maintenance problems. Hiring our caretaking services will give the homeowner time to pursue other interests or business.

We provide cleaning services for nightly rentals, residential, commercial, construction and offices. In addition to our cleaning services we also offer honest and reliable caretaking services. Please visit “Our Services” page to see the full listing of services.

Click here to contact us for a free quote or consultation on your cleaning or caretaking needs, and ask for our “Fail-Safe” policy